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Thread: Obsessed

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    Platinum Member ThatwasThen's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
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    I have a boyfriend, we have been dating for one year and a half, we've been through a lot together and always managed to get over hardships (broke up a few times and got back together)... Now, we are stable
    Now you are not "stable." You're just coasting with him in angst and anxiety.

    When you are on and off with someone and you've only been dating a year, then clearly you are with the wrong person. Do yourself a favor and break up FOR GOOD. You would have been over him by now if you never went back with him after the first sign that the two of you couldn't even keep it together within the honeymoon period when you were still enthralled within the new relationship energy.

    Originally Posted by Andrina

    No, love by itself isn't enough. My partner needs to treat me right to stay in my life.
    That would make a great signature, Andrina.

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    Platinum Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Well, unfortunately, when in a relationship, he should not talk about other woman like that. I hope you can get over it.

    If it helps, what counts is the one he loves (you).

    Love is not enough....... they also have to have integrity and not cheat to be a catch.......if you two are going to mend this thing, he has to stop seeing the other woman.

    Yeah, and breakups are bad too.........we call them breakups because they are broken.

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    When you finally let go of this tug-of-war, and meet the right person it will not feel like this.
    Originally Posted by Riri2019
    I always feel like both ways i lose :(

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    May 2019
    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    When you finally let go of this tug-of-war, and meet the right person it will not feel like this.
    I hope so... Thank you all!


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    Dec 2007
    Originally Posted by Riri2019
    Yes you're right we haven't...
    But what about love?... Doesn't it count???
    What do we do with our feelings?
    You two are not compatible. This is evident by multiple break ups.

    Comparing their relationship to yours, was wrong. It also sounds like he is having an emotional affair. I'm sorry, but this dude is not showing you any respect.

    I loved my ex, but broke it off as it was unhealthy. Just like your relationship. You will get over this with time, and find the right person. This is not the guy!

    You need to go no contact and block on everything.

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