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Thread: Commitment issues

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    If you're unsure of your boyfriend and embarrassed by his boisterous, goofy, loud personality, then cut him loose. There's nothing wrong with being self conscious and worrying about what everyone else thinks. Personally, I can't imagine myself with a man who isn't poised. I'd be uncomfortable, too. I'm not saying it's wrong to have a loud, goofy personality. It just isn't my cup of tea; that's all.

    I would not deal with a person with a stark personality difference to mine. I know I can't change others. However, I'd more more comfortable with a man who is similar to me. Thankfully, my husband and I are alike in that way.

    Your boyfriend will not change. He is who he is. If you have doubts, he's not for you. Let him go.

    Be with a man who isn't loud and goofy. There's nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable with a man who doesn't know how to tone it down. I would feel the same way.

    Generally, I respect other people and how they are as long as they're NOT MY partner.

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    So I think he may very well know how to tone it down. And choose not to because he likes the attention or for some other reason- and loud and goofy is fine if it doesn't hurt anyone else. here are many people who would love that -either because they are like that too or they are shy and welcome their partner being the center of attention so they can stay on the sidelines and watch and laugh. I'm not a fan of very stiff/formal outside of a situation that warrants it like a business situation. And I too wouldn't like constant loud/goofy at all in a partner. I get too chatty when I'm nervous. So I know that about myself and over the years have learned how to tone it down when needed. Thing is, it's not always needed -with one of my childhood friends, when we get together we're both like that and it's loads of fun. It depends. Her new boyfriend chooses to act like that with his friends. They like it or at least tolerate it. She doesn't. It's all good.

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