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Thread: Girlfriend flirting with someone else

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    Dec 2007
    Originally Posted by pippy longstocking
    ??? This is worrying ..I don't think I am clear on this bit ...........................but this is a worry if you have to go to these lengths
    Very concerning. You sound like insecure control freak. You also sound a bit stalkerish. If my bf did this to me, I would be done.

    Time to end this relationship. You will never let this go.

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    Originally Posted by Joe13
    dating for 2 years
    not concerned at all with the age difference (9 years isn't that huge difference)
    i didn't spend 2 months (day by day) tracking the footage. at some point i asked someone if he can provide it to me, few weeks later he came back with a positive answer
    I'd have him up on invasion of privacy for disclosing footage to you without a search warrant. Good grief.

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    Apr 2009
    This isn't going to work. I just feel you guys done align well.

    I wouldn't want to be with someone who uses an argument for excuses on why they went out and go drunk and got attention from the opposite sex.

    And i also wouldn't want to be with someone who i feel i was always been watched 24/7 or didnt trust me.

    idk maybe if she knows you act like this, maybe she did it on purpose to try to get rise out of you.

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    Leave her now. You don't need someone in your life that you can't trust


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    May 2017
    You haven't showered yourself in glory, have you? Either of you.

    Flirting isn't OK in my book. But it doesn't matter what I think. I does matter what you think. And what she thinks. If you were clear with her at the outset about your boundaries, you have a decision to make.

    That said, your have not handled this well. It was two months ago and it's time to either have the conversation above about boundaries and then let it go or you end it now.

    Stop tormenting her and yourself

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