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Thread: my breakup - meeting my ex next weekend.

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    I will ask again, are you seeing a therapist?

    I also find it interesting that you choose people who exasperate your anxiety. You seek men who are projects.

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    You're not naive, as you seem to know that reconnecting with this ex is not a good idea.

    You're coming from a place of loneliness and sadness, which magnifies your sense of vulnerability. It's easy to look into our past when we're in a bad place, searching for any glimmer of hope that might make us feel better in the present.

    But this isn't a memory drawer you want to open. Coming to drop your stuff off means nothing in terms of him suddenly realizing your value. It likely just mean he'd be open to rekindling what you two had, which wasn't functional or mutually respectful and loving. The chances that you two will somehow develop into a solid, stable and long-term couple are just about nil. The chances that you will become embroiled in more of the same painful and toxic dance, however, are very high.

    I would strongly urge you to cancel this meetup. Send your friend to retrieve your belongings if they're important to you.

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    Sorry to hear this. A doctor and therapist can do a lot more for you now than breadcrumbs from an ex.. Go forward not backward. Get your things and make an appt with a doctor. Focus on your health.
    Originally Posted by jeezrick
    I am a mess of bad experiences - "black" moods which I spiral into for weeks on end.

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