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Thread: Godson passed away

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    Pick up something like take out or something from the local grocer - they often sell meals with rotisserie chickens and sides for example. Honestly, i would focus on basic needs and not tattoos.

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    Some years ago something similar happened to my goddaughter. She came early and survived for 2 weeks, it was a rollercoaster but in the end she didn't make it. It turned out my friends had a genetic condition and they couldn't produce viable babies together. (Individually they would be able to but it was the mix that was bad). After coming to terms with that they have adopted and I have two lovely godkids. They still visit their first childs grave every year.

    Simple kindness goes a long way. Because of your pregnancy, even if she doesn't voice it, she still may resent you from time to time. Even if you weren't pregnant, she may simply be upset that others aren't going through the same pain as she is at this moment. Let her - they are going to be all over the place emotionally. But stick with it and she'll remember you were there for her during a really tough moment, even if you don't do or say the "right" thing at all times.

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    Originally Posted by Butterfly~Wrists
    I'm heading down Friday, unfortunately it's a two hour drive so can't easily bring a meal with me. I've asked her if my being pregnant will be more upsetting, but she said ours more being around young babies.. she night up my pregnancy before I said anything.

    Social are there to try and help and have offered support, currently she's too numb and in shock to know what she wants or needs, it's going to take a long time for her and her family to come to terms with this.

    Thank you for all the tips, I will do what I can when there, even if it's just a short walk, or loud music and sitting together in silence.
    Then bring a take out dinner to her. I'd give more than cheese and crackers. Dinner from take out or carry out place would be greatly appreciated.

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