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You take away a stuffed animal but leave an Apple TV in their room???
Because you are afraid of their father??

Sorry!! But you say your alone time with your husband is spent talking about the kids behaviour?
And he says the Apple TV allows you both to have alone time?
Well clearly the Apple TV didnít provide that!!
So remove it!!! Or disable it and tell them itís broken! Whatever???

I take back what I said about you being a good mother. Sorry! Good intentions yes but not delivering!

Absolutely no electronic devices allowed in their bedroom!!! At all! Ever!!

In the play room fine! But only allowed in the playroom for a designated time and not allowed in there within half hr of bedtime.

The solution to this is so so simple!!!

But you are choosing to be a submissive wife and creating havoc in the household by that choice.

I guess I should have mentioned, the Apple TV is useless without its remote. Which I hide from the kids unless theyíre having a movie night. Movie nights can be and have been taken away too. So no, I donít ďtake away stuffed animals but leave an Apple TVĒ. The Apple TV is useless without its remote and THEY do not have access to the remote.

I am not afraid of my husband. If I was, I wouldnít be the main person doing the disciplining. For the most part I have ignored his complaints that Iím too hard on them. You seem to think I fear him because I ďleft the Apple TVĒ. I also said heíd ďflipĒ if I took it out, yes. I choose my battles with him sometimes, because otherwise weíd constantly be fighting, since Iíve remained the ďbad momĒ and he gets unreasonably angry with the kids. So the Apple TV stays in the bedroom, the kids have no access unless I give it to them. Thatís hardly my biggest problem. But thanks for saying Iím not a good mother. Also, I listed several things Iíve done as punishment, that have not yielded results.

I donít appreciate being told Iím not a good mother because of an Apple TV. And as for our ďalone timeĒ consisting of talking about the kids, so what? Iím trying to show that itís a topic of conversation because I KNOW that whatís currently happening is not ok.

Another poster mentioned in my thread about my mom that my kids will grow up thinking itís ok to hit and yell because of my husbandís actions. Yeah, Iím aware. I think weíve established that my husband is the problem. Yet I feel like Iím the one being attacked.

We all need therapy. I get it.

Thanks for everyoneís replies. I am done.