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Thread: My Parents Hate Each Other

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    Its none of your business why they stay together or don't. Just worry about yourself. There will be a buffer of the extended family - maybe try to do something with cousins or something or aunt/uncle over the holiday break as well.

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    I'm trying out meditation and reading a lot of self-help articles, it's been really helpful. I'm not as sad as I used to be about this. I 'm taking control of my life and my own emotions but still, sometimes, I can't help but feel trapped and miserable.
    You are on the right track then, this is a positive... and that's what you need to stay focused on OP. There is nothing you can do about their relationship, all you can do is empower yourself to find some freedom from your situation.

    If possible, start seeking options to stay elsewhere. And I don't necessarily mean moving out today or even next month... just sit down and figure out exactly what it will take to move out, and start taking little bites out at a time until you are there. It will help you feel more grounded and focused on a solution if you are working towards your goal of getting out of there.

    Until then... try to practice some empathy for them. While it's understandable that the fighting has caused you pain... just think about how much pain it has caused them. Don't take on their conflict... when you hear them fighting, disconnect from the situation... go out to be with friends, do things to distract yourself, whatever you need to do to get through the moment... and keep up with the meditation as that will help you with acceptance and processing your emotions.

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