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Thread: Disconnected

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    Hi Joyce,

    Iím glad you are asking here and looking for solutions.

    Just want to drop a note about antidepressants. Whilst they do serve their purpose they are extremely strong drugs and should be avoided if you can help it.

    I am a certified psychotherapist and counselor. Many times I had people come to my clinic saying ďIíve been on antiDs for 3 years+ and Iím still depressed!Ē ...so what does that tell you?

    AntiDs should only be used if you are completely unable to function and should only be used short term. Unfortunately many MDs these days just default to antiDs and throw people on them without also recommending further, deeper work like counseling or therapy. So people end up on them for years....

    The problem is that after a time your brain will just adjust to them, make its way around them and the underlying causes will return.

    Depression is an insidious dis-ease. It takes years to take hold and so can take years to unwind.

    Also, if you are grieving any losses or traumas, grief is not depression and there arenít any ĎantiGrief pillsí....unfortunately.

    A couple of quick things I can suggest on this forum are:

    - Sleep patterns and Diet
    - Walks or hiking in nature
    - Connect with nature
    - Turn off the news and tv
    - Meditation
    - Volunteering
    - Thought stopping and taking control of your thoughts

    It takes time and work so be patient but diligent....

    And remember, the goal is not to be bouncy, happyhappy joyjoy 100% of the time every single day. Theyíll lock you up for that too lol

    Being human is to feel the entire range of emotions but to reach a peaceful equilibrium*

    Hope this helps.


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    People who have a family history of suicide attempts and recalcitrant depression do need a workup for metabolic, neurological and psychiatric disorders to get an accurate diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan.. Only one-on-one evaluations by an appropriate licensed professional should be making determinations about diagnosis and treatments.

    Joyce, please see a real doctor in person. Don't play with your health or life. While healthy lifestyle changes and supportive talk therapy are always a good idea, you can't "think away" neurochemical problems.
    Originally Posted by Carus
    I am a certified psychotherapist and counselor. Many times I had people come to my clinic saying ďIíve been on antiDs for 3 years+ and Iím still depressed!Ē ...so what does that tell you?

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    Joyce, I've struggled with depression (not medicated) before, so hopefully my recommendations will help you. Bare in mind that there are several types of depression and treatments can be different for each. So your best bet, as others have suggested, is to seek a suitable professional.

    The following recommendations do not replace professional advise or treatment:

    - Do stuff that you enjoy and is beneficial to you. Even if it's only for 10 minutes or less. For example, I would read a book for as long as I could manage. Then, later on or the next day, I'd read some more. That worked for me. Plus, a purpose (such as reading a book I enjoy) gave me a reason to keep doing stuff. Well, doing stuff felt so good! Eventually I'd go to the library, which meant having to shower, get dressed and face people. But it also meant, borrowing lovely reading material and looking forward to reading those books. The joy of finishing each book and having achieved something: priceless!
    - Connecting with good friends and someone trustworthy helped me tremendously and it was also nice to have someone to talk to.
    - Don't fret about tomorrow. Todayís trouble is enough for today.

    You may feel like a loser and worthless. But, quite frankly, I see a courageous woman who had the guts to ask for help and share what she is going through to a bunch of strangers.

    You can get through this!
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