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Thread: Extreme depression due to horrible chain of events

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    OP my heart goes out to you... clearly you haven't had the help you need in order to process the trauma you went through as a child, as you are continuing to carry it into adulthood.

    I've been there... I was bullied, sexually abused, emotionally abused etc. and for the longest time couldn't figure out how to have relationships with people or talk to people in positions of authority without being completely overcome by anxiety.

    I had to do a great deal of work to overcome the "victim" mentality... like years worth. The trauma will always be there but the healing starts when we choose to accept ourselves, to practice forgiveness of ourselves and others, are willing to try doing things differently and are willing to practice vulnerability and trust with others.

    Your question is "is there anything wrong with being nice?" of course not... unless nice = doormat, or being nice comes with an expectation, or nice = people pleasing... in those cases being nice are all about manipulation and you are just feeding your negative view of the world.

    And as for the girl you gave music to and asked was she single.
    Restraining orders can be requested by anyone but only granted if deemed a reasonable request.
    You might want to think more about how you were accountable for that one.
    This doesn't happen for no reason... it would appear that you have a blind spot or two that needs to be addressed when it comes to how you are behaving with women and potentially other people in your life.

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    I did not slam anyone. Learn to read. I said that because I wasn't a position of authority, somehow I'm not good enough.

    Yeah, you did slam people. you assume anyone who has a white collar job that is some sort of supervisor is snobby automatically.

    - is it because I am not some snobby white collar successful person that's of position of authority?

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