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Thread: Friends with Benefits?

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    Apr 2018
    Sounds like he is not emotionally available to you, he just enjoys the ego boosts and having someone to talk to to occupy his free time. He doesn't feel the same as you feel about him, plus he has no interest in meeting up. This is a situation ship that is going nowhere. Cut him off- fix yourself up and get out and meet new guys!

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    Nov 2019
    thank you everyone for your advice, i will definitely follow through and cut him off!

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    central Florida
    we havent, but he has family near my area and weve talked about meeting before so the possibility is there im just not sure it will ever happen

    This is a typical story from scammers. Either they used to live in your town, or have family there, or sometimes have business there, or have some undetermined date where they are moving to your town for business. All lies to give their prey reason to believe a life together is possible.

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    Feb 2020
    Don't do it. I'm currently in this situation (fwb with someone from another state) and it will not work. You'll just end up getting hurt. Im currently in this situation and trying to get out.


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