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Thread: Ex unblocked me

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    Originally Posted by Dmk1986e
    Come on mate, Im not doing that bad lol. Bordering acceptance, and maybe indifference. 2 months no contact, and I replied to her 2 christmas and new year emails and simply wished her well.

    She said she is finally studying to become a vet ( I had already saved money for her to study this in US)

    I wanted to say to her, you will be a great vet, just please treat animals with more humanity and compassion than you treat your relationships😂

    Moving forwards to better things..
    You just undid a lot of that two months' good work.

    You broke no contact, and replied to bread crumbs, even though you already said it felt good to not reply to the Xmas one.

    Even then, instead of politely saying thanks, and leaving it there, you gave her some information about you, and extended the exchange.

    Then you posted the detail of it here for comment/discussion. Are you reading and re-reading the emails, trying to analyze every word?

    It's OK to admit you were still holding some hope that she busted up with the new boyfriend and wanted to get back with you, and come and live in that apartment you told her about in the email.

    While you continue to communicate, and hold that hope tightly, you have not reached acceptance, let alone indifference.

    Be brutally honest with yourself - if you are thinking 'this is just sort of period of confusion on her part, it won't work, she loves me and she'll be back' - then you are still in denial, some days.

    The grief process is not linear, you can swing back and forth through the phases, but when you reach the final detachment point, and truly become indifferent, you'll know it.
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    You are still stuck OP. I see no progression

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    You blocked her, correct?

    If not, why not?

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