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Thread: My marriage or my lover

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    Unfortunately you both saw the writing on the wall as soon as you were married. Is this a marriage of convenience? Was there something after being together 11 yrs, that made it worthwhile to marry?
    Originally Posted by Claire1205
    Ever since the marriage she has become very distant with me.. She met new friends in her new job and ever since she hasn't shown any interest in me.. We have been arguing a lot recently because of it. She has also quoted to me in the past that her friends are always going to be there for her and that I'm not..

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    Wow, two women want you and you are having trouble deciding. What a great problem to have!

    Well, when you left the wife, her love level spiked, that's what happens sometimes. But things will probably go back to the way they were if you get back together, unless you have some serous counseling. Let's face it, you know how she is.

    Girl two is the BFF who has now come out of the closet and confessed her undying love to you - and you know her, she's your BFF, and you two get along without even kissing! Imagine how great it's going to be when you two start getting naughty!

    I say, goodbye wife, Hello BFF!!!

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