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Thread: Argument After Night Out w Boyfriend's Female Friend.

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    To be certain, it does not sound like he is cheating on you nor does he intend to from the sound of it and only sees this woman as a friend.

    She's crass, obnoxious, enjoys being the center of attention and likely is unaware how PO'ed you are about it; however, is also unlikely to care if you are given people I know with similar personalities.

    But here's the thing: I personally have a couple friends who are crass, obnoxious, attention loving and can be wildly annoying ... I've literally had to brace women I'm dating regarding them ... but the reality is that I also know them far deeper than anyone who is introduced to them and know they'd be there to pick me up if my car broke down and more so, would likely be willing to pick up someone I'm dating if their car broke down and I called them.

    Hell, I have one friend who comes off as so incredibly unfriendly and unapproachable who I once saw nearly have a conniption when he thought he might have run over a baby raccoon, lol - some people just lead with their absolute worst impression first and it is more a problem for them than it should be for you.

    I've never dating anyone who - after they got to know them a bit more and could see the human behind the caricature - disliked these people who I am friends with.

    This person doesn't sound like his only friend or his best friend - but it is a single crass, obnoxious, attention loving and wildly annoying friend of his; Hell, he might even know that.

    I'm curious if you have asked him, without accusation or being snarky about her and her 'style', why is he friends with her? What is the redeemable quality he sees in her, because it's clearly not attraction - or he'd be with her and not you... and it sounds like he wants to be with you but also doesn't want to further the coming drama by confronting his friend when she's being who she has always been, even before you.

    So what exactly makes him see his friend as worthwhile, despite the clear pain in the ass she sounds like? You might find yourself surprised is all I'm saying -

    For all you know the one friend of his who would have both or yours backs and sees you both as a great couple is the very one you hate.
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