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Thread: After 4 dates he referred to me as “great company.” What does that mean?

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    Haha, you're reading way too much into it.

    It means he enjoys spending time with you even outside of the physical.

    You hold a good conversation, you engage, you are (clearly) analytical and listening ... you're good company

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    It’s a compliment but not a saucy passionate one. It’s nice casual one.

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    Originally Posted by Sabrina918
    We haven’t had any talks yet in regards to where this relationship is going and or if he’s dating others. (Most likely he is, missing a lot from text and conversations especially at night).
    It's been FOUR dates. Whilst it's certainly not a relationship, it's certainly something positive. He definitely enjoys your company and, therefore, wants to keep seeing you. You voluntarily spent time with people you like (and not dislike). To what degree he enjoys spending time with you is something that only time will tell. Maybe the frequency of your dates might reveal more as there's a difference between having one date per week and one date per month.

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