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Thread: I didn't feel anything when he kissed me

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    Originally Posted by smackie9
    Time for the mom talk. Since you are new to this and want a more comfortable experience, you need to be in charge of the date. OK first off....first date you don't be going over to the man's place. When they invite you, sex is what they are looking for, cut him off,and don't go out with him again. He won't be worth your time. Staying the night? If you are not going to have sex with them, you do not sleep in their bed! Cuddling over night is for 15 year olds, you are a woman now dating as an adult. Stop doing that! OK here is what you do....make sure they take you OUT on dates, and not invite to netflix and chill. After a first date a hug is nice only IF you are interested in seeing him again. If you don't like his advances, say so. You do not have to comply. When you get home thank him for the date and hope he asks you out again. If you don't want to see him again, politely decline his request for a second date. If a man has any real intention of being serious with you, he will be patient and want to spend time getting to know you and not be rolling over in the morning with a woodie expecting sex only after meeting you the night before. Never ever put yourself in that position AND you call the shots. If you don't want him touching you or making advances you can say no and leave. Don't get sucked in with their apologies and oh he will be a gentleman...no he's frickin pacifying you in hopes you will let your guard down.
    I just felt like this deserved a quote and repeat. And also I've given Smackie too many rep points.

    OP, please listen to this! Dating 101. Stick to these guidelines until you have a firmer grasp on dating and what you feel confident with. Be safe and never agree to anything out of pressure even if your friends think it's a good idea or no matter how popular and convincing someone is or how popular and convincing your date is.

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    Originally Posted by Amy1992
    I honestly just want to cry. I'm 18 and have never been in a relationship with anyone. Last night I went on a date with a guy and we ended up at his place and cuddled a bit. After a while he leaned in for a kiss and I stopped him because I had never been kissed before and I got really nervous. He was understanding but he still was kind of persistent repeating how much he wanted to kiss me. So the next morning I just let him and I didn't feel anything, I didn't enjoy it. He obviously also wanted sex which I definitely didn't let him. But I got slightly weirded out by him telling me that I made him horny which I understand some girls might like but it made me uncomfortable. I maybe should've told him but I didn't know how. I also have trust issues which might be the reason I feel the way I feel, but I slightly feel manipulated and I'm scared that he only wants me for sex. I just have a very hard time trusting guys and after this whole experience I'm not even sure if I'm attracted to him. Another problem I've had since forever is my sexuality. I've always been between straight, bi and asexual. But I also thought that my feelings of asexuality were depression induced because they weren't very consistent. But I don't know. Does this indicate that I may actually be asexual? I just prefer cuddling and small kisses over making out and sex. I apologize for the amount of rambling, but thank you!
    Why would you arrange to sleep at a guys house to whom you arenít even sure you are attracted to?
    Do you realise how lucky you are that you werenít at best raped and at worst murdered?

    And all you are concerned about is your sexuality??

    You put yourself in a very vulnerable position!!!

    You claim to have trust issues? Well you placed a LOT of trust in this guy not to take advantage.

    Luckily for you he turned out to be trustworthy in that respect, Although a bit of a weirdo.

    If you want a relationship, you date a guy , you donít let them invite you to Netflix sleepovers.

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