The only feelings you should have for him is nausea. He's the office skirt-chaser. In many companies he would be reprimanded for sexual harassment. View him for the player and sleaze that he is, not as if he was a bf. He just wants to get in everyone's pants. Avoid him as much as possible and stop the personal drama chitchat at work. Be professional at all times.

Date outside of work. Then you'll be able to laugh at what a loser he is. Delete and block him from social media and messaging apps. Instead install some dating apps and start messaging and meeting men. Since he was sober and you were drunk, get to a clinic for STD testing. He is obviously careless and indiscriminate.
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He's stopped talking to me as he's now more interested in our new colleague. He didn't reply me, but at the same time he was flirting with the new colleague. I told him if he feels it's the best for us not to speak, it's fine by me and left it there, but then we got in a quarrel. .