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Thread: At a breaking point

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    Listen to yourself:

    "My dad lost his job and used his severance package to go on a cruise, multiple trips to Disneyland and a cousin's wedding in San Diego."

    "My mother sat at the table and told me that her and my dad were completely broke. She said she told him to work, but he didn't want to"

    "My bills (student loans, car payment, insurance, families cell phones...)"

    "I come home every day and my dad is on the couch watching tv and my mother is playing video games on her stupid tablet"

    Now that you see it in black and white, does it sink in?

    Your parents are using you, and abusing you, and you are enabling them! They don't WANT to help themselves, and they never will, as long as you enable them.

    You need to pack up and leave... that'll get them motivated to do something for themselves!!!!!!

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    Thank you guys for your responses. They really put everything in perspective for me. I am angry and depressed (I know that for a fact). After I get angry, I'm always made to feel guilty, like I have no reason to feel the way I do.

    I'm no longer going to be footing their Bill's anymore. I honestly can't since I'm now living paycheck to paycheck. In order to get my mental health and physical health back in check. I'm going to start taking care of myself, even if that means leaving them and losing my relationship with them.

  3. 01-13-2020, 01:57 AM

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