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Thread: Considering secret marriage

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    Silver Member BecxyRex's Avatar
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    Feb 2016
    I’d be totally on board with getting married privately and having a big party later. In this case though I’d advise against it. Assuming you’re getting the greencard process started after you’ve eloped, you’ll need a certain amount of letters from friends and family stating that you guys have been a couple and are legitimate. These letters seriously can look like school essays describing your relationship from the eyes of “witnesses”. I got my greencard as well, so I’ve been through it. It would look real odd if everyone talked about you as engaged.
    Just tell people you want to have a small private ceremony and you will have a big party later. If they’re upset, they’ll get over it.

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    Platinum Member Snny's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    We are considering a secret courthouse marriage soon so we can let the green card process begin. This would allow him to continue working in the US legally without any gap.
    Not to discourage you, but immigration services/Homeland Security will investigate the length and reason for your marriage. If they find out you married him to help gain access/citizenship into the country, they can deny the visa request because it will come off as a “sham marriage.”

    I’ve been through a similar process with getting my husband US citizenship. We waiting past a year for approval. They interviewed me since we were married nearly three years. They will check.

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