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Thread: Friend not telling me she's pregnant

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    It's never my place to decide what other people 'should' share. This position keeps things nice and clean for me, and whenever someone opts to share something personal, I view it as a privilege rather than a 'right' to listen.

    Expectations are the enemy of peace and joy.

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    Originally Posted by sophie274
    I can think of so many reasons why someone would choose not to share a pregnancy - this is a very personal choice and I donít think itís right to have an expectation of when the person should share. No one is entitled to getting that information about someone else, and it was wrong for C to share news that was not hers to share. Personally, I chose to keep a pregnancy private for as long as possible and it was not about being secretive; it was that I preferred to keep this a private matter, and was nervous that something would go wrong and did not want to have to deal with that publicly.

    If/when you see her and sheís seven months pregnant, just congratulate her and proceed as you would with anyone else.
    Completely agree. I lied to a few people so I could wait until I was in my 14th-15th week. (Like - the brie looks delicious but my stomach's been acting up a bit or "no thank you I don't want to go to your turkey baster clinic even though it's the best" -well maybe that's not a lie). Before that we only told: my sister, my parents, his parents. And a flight attendant because she was concerned that I kept using the restroom (lol just to um pee but still). Everyone understood.

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