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Thread: Please help with my career decision.

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    Follow the money trail. Go abroad. Better opportunities for you.

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    Your parents are still young enough to be capable of self care in their 60's. If you're concerned about leaving them now, you'll never have the chance when they're older.

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    Originally Posted by AshleyTr
    The reason why I wanted to go abroad is because I feel more free when Iím with the people who are different.
    Getting International currency because of my job could give me more cash if translated to my country which I could possibly give more to my parents and I will pursue a masterís degree there. Getting a Masterís degree abroad is more doable.

    On the other hand, If I chose to stay here...the disadvantage is that, I would not be able to help them financially because every employees here in our country is very very low and if youíre lucky you could make a good living for yourself only especially if youíre just a startup. Also, taking passing the bar exam is less likely to happen because of the small amount of passing rate around 17%.
    You already answered it yourself - think long term big picture.

    And the siblings remark, I know tons of same sex siblings that get on like gang busters - no issues - best friends.

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