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Thread: I snapped at my fiance and he has vowed to change his personality dramatically

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    It sounds like your father is concerned about you but they are approaching it in a way you find offensive.
    Originally Posted by putter
    I have always believed I am not good enough for my partner: writing in my diary today made me realize I am such a piece of . It's bad enough that I am extremely dumb and ugly and suffer from anxiety. Now he knows I am a too, after the way I snapped at him a few days ago. Why can't I just die? Who will miss me anyway? I am a fat slob whom no one will love. He is the one person who truly loved me, now I have pushed him away too. No one will ever love me again. I am better off dead so that I do not punish anyone.

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    Are you two still together and engaged? In the thread you posted last night you wrote you "pushed him away".

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