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Thread: Struggling

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    If you don't have a written promise to pay note with both your signatures on it, you are SOL. Judge Judy would tell you to go pound sand.

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    Excellent. Now focus on appropriate co-parenting and do not put your innocent children in the middle of this.
    Originally Posted by Empof401
    we are not married.

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    So you are not legally married so first things first. Find out if it will be considered a common law marriage.

    Next I assume you are the father of both children and are named on their birth certificates. You need to get some legal advice on what your rights are as their father. She sounds vindictive and petty so you could very well find yourself with visitation and child support until they are both 18 and graduated from high school. Go to your county courthouse and ask if they have someone you can talk to.

    The next step is to see what is really going on here. She didn't have an emotional affair, she cheated on you for a while and then decided she liked the model she was test driving and left you for him. Funny thing is that the new car smell wears off really quickly when all the excitement of sneaking around and sex become seeing each other all the time and having a kid in tow.

    So why is she blaming you? Who else is she going to blame? The kids? Her new bf? She certainly cannot take the blame herself so who is the boogey man? The POS controlling jerk? You are her scapegoat for her choices and life as it is now. Basically she planned her escape with this guy so she could be happy and now the wheels are falling off her plan and reality has come knocking.

    She flirts and acts friendly so she can keep you as a back up plan, a safety net. Don't fall for any of it!!!

    What you need to do is stop engaging in any of it. Tell her all communication needs to be through email unless it is an emergency. This allows you to keep a record of what is planned, promised and any pertinent info you may need later. When she asks why email simply let her know that since other forms of communication often turn ugly email is best for all involved.

    Please stop asking your children anything about her. She is no longer your concern and you need to focus on being the best single parent you can be.

    You need to get your car back and get a formal custody arrangement as soon as possible. You are liable for any damages she my cause with the car and you are vulnerable without a legal custody arrangement.

    It is over, time to finish it the right way.


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    She is seeing you moving on and is jealous or still bitter and resentful, or realises her own deficits (even on a subconscious level) and is not happy with them.

    Bottom line, she is resentful and jealous and extremely manipulative. Keep doing what you're doing, and improving yourself and apply for custody of your children. Dictate the terms.


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