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Thread: My boyfriend's mother drives me insane

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    Who are "people"? What "people"? "You people"? Those "people"? All "people"?
    Itís against the forum rules to argue with another poster.
    So I said people rather than quote.
    Why are you asking me to go against the forum rules?
    And why are you arguing with my post?
    Do you agree or not agree?
    Yes some posters which I believe is ok to refer as people , commented more about the OPís living at home status rather than hers,

    Please donít quote me unless it is relevant to the thread.

    Thank you!

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    Originally Posted by goddess
    Although I understand your frustration but, as I see it, your choices are twofold:

    1. Put up with it until you graduate which, in reality, is not that far away considering it's almost November.

    2. Ask him to move out and find a place for the two of you. Contribute what you can now, and once you find a good job, pay your part of the rent.

    I won't pass judgement about his living with his mom. Perhaps he's saving money for a good reason, like finding a really nice apartment/flat.

    My nephew lived with his parents until he was 28. He saved money so that he was able to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend and he bought a condominium, got married, and they're both happy now. Smart boy, IMO.
    NOPE on 2....after she graduates -- she looks for a place. She doesn't rely on Momma's boy. She moves in with another young lady. if he decides he wants to cut the apron strings someday, then maybe she can marry him or cohabitate in precarious bliss.

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