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Thread: Can I forgive him

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    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    He needs a psychiatrist, not a girlfriend.

    And I would recommend you ponder why a man who lies about having cancer to manipulate you inspires "love" feelings in you.
    Oh yes, for sure!

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    Originally Posted by Kimberly8619
    I can feel sorry for someone to t he extent it affects me a lot. I could catch him in bed with someone and I would still feel sorry for him. Not a good trait I know
    Is that really a trait? I was thinking more of a sign of codependency or martyrdom or unhealthy sense of self, but trait? Doesnít that kinda lend to the idea that itís completely out of your control?

    Interesting concept.

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    Everyone except your innocent son. You don't mind damaging him at all for this selfish pursuit. You are spinning desperation and being a doormat as altruism and self-aggrandizement. Can your child's father get full custody? You seem way to wrapped up in your romanticized drama and self-delusions.
    Originally Posted by Kimberly8619
    I struggle with empathy for other people far too much. I canít stand to see anybody upset or hurt

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    Thankyou to all the people who have offered advice itís much appropriated


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    Can I forgive him


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