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Thread: Boyfriend and cocaine

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    Are both of you using? You would both be able to afford things if you both stopped the drugs. But at some level you realize this yet don't know what to do about it..
    Originally Posted by Moon13
    I've been with him for 6 years, and we've lived together for 3. We are both in the entertainment industry. This year he's been doing cocaine, mdma, g, and speed.

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    Him coming home to you is not a "Step" - it simply a night where he didn't have any other place to go. That is not a step. I knew a woman who started using drugs because if she did, her husband would stay home and do drugs with her and not be out who knows where. How well did it go? She lost some of her teeth? a couple of the kids were placed in foster care. She got clean, divorced him, got her kids back but her now-teenagers are very defiant, untrusting and feel betrayed. She does not see her ex and neither do the kids, but it was the best thing for them to leave. i fear that you will be down this road minus the kids unless you leave. Getting clean his his decision and choice and he is not willing to do that.

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    Dear Moon13: I am just going to share some real stories about people I know that have been in situations somewhat similar to yours, hoping it helps you.

    I remember this one bloke who was severely into drugs. His family and friends tried desperately to help him. He seemed unwilling to overcome addiction at the time, so all they received in return were empty promises, deception and plenty of heartaches (putting it mildly, very mildly as a matter of fact).

    I recall this other bloke who genuinely tried to overcome his addiction. Honestly a nice guy who was willing to try, but who unfortunately failed so many times trying. Oh boy, what he put others through when he was consuming!

    I also knew someone who dated a "casual" consumer of drugs that led to the initial stages of abuse. Fortunately said person managed to swiftly remove themselves from the situation and came through the peril mostly unscathed.

    I am concerned that you are in a very unstable environment right now and there is potential for you to really get hurt, in every sense of the word. My recommendation is for you to get out now. Addiction is so complex. I cannot even fathom what it takes to overcome it. However, I do know this: your safety is very important, your health is very important, you matter.

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