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2 year relationship.
Ex and i started fighting alot the past months about issues of her not putting much effort into making me feel wanted as she once did, (lack of affection, general effort, physcial intimacy) *normal attraction fading signs* id go on the defense, lash out and question why she wouldn't make effort on many things..made her shutdown emotionally, so she says.

She called it off two weeks ago. Saying its to stressful between us with everything going on her life, and her health issues and she cant handle us. Respected her decision, went full no contact. Told her we can work on things out and start on a clean slate and it could be better than ever we wont know till we try, and if she changed her mind about me to let me know.
GOOD! Well played on your part.

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Proceeded to text me a week later *last weekend* asked how i was doing. I responded, "ya.. you to" Said she wasnt okay... that its hard for her.. made small talk.
Saw her at the gym a few days after...asked her if she wanted to work things out ( as she left me on read explaining my feelings) she said "i dont wanna say yes or no"... .

Said okay, well im not gonna sit here and make effort if you dont know, i cant stay in your life nor be your friend, but i feel we can work through this if we got together and talked, but if you really loved me and wanted me youd make this work with me like i am you. Dont text/talk to me unless its about seeing me or making effort to work things out, i cant stay in contact with you i gotta move on. Hugged me before she left.
Again, good action on your part!

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Days later *today* got a text that said "i know you dont want me to talk to you it upsets me that you dont think i dont want you or love you, if that wasnt the case this wouldnt be so hard on me"
Didnt reply ( No effort or initiation or gave me the things i asked )
Hours later
"moved on" ?
Didnt respond.
Right now she is doubting her decision. She is feeling the loss of you not being in her life, but her text still isn't what you want and was more of her fishing for contact and a reaction. You also played this right! Her text didn't warrant a response.

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Funny how she can go days ignoring me.. but now that i haven't replied shes worrying / wondering. (power of no contact?) Confused as i do love the girl, id do anything for her. But if its not mutual i cant be the only one making this relationship work.
BAM! Exactly! SHE needs to be the one to want to come back. You already told her what you want from her, and will not accept anything less! If she is not ready to give you what you want then you cannot move forward. To make a relationship it has to be a 2 way street, and she needs to come to you...give it time brother, let NC do it's thing, and in the meantime you need to re-channel, re-focus and continue with your strong confident attitude! This is part of why she wants to be with you.