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Thread: What should i do?

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    What should i do?

    Cant get over her after 9 months. Still love my ex but she moved on

    How to let go

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    I think it all depends on a number of factors ie how long the two of you were together. IMHO, the longer one was some someone, the longer it will take to get through the grieving process, though not necessarily. I also believe that it also depends if you are the dumpee or the dumper. The dumpee will probably have a much harder time getting over an ex, particularly if they were blindsided. Some folks are able to get over their ex more quickly than others. There's no set formula. The only thing that will help you to let go is time. Try and distract yourself by doing something new, focus on hobbies, join Meetup groups, give yourself time to process the breakup, accept that she is gone (easier said than done), let go of memories that remind you of her, and let time work its magic.

    In my case, I focused on all that was bad in the relationship. That seemed to help considerably. If all else fails, you might consider therapy.

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    Tricky question. And also very personal. How I've let go is by acknowledging the present and how things have changed up to the present point, what we may have hoped to achieve and didn't, how I may have seen the situation differently and it turning out in another way. It may be about seeing a person change and grow in a different way from you (different paths) or it may be acknowledging, through some stroke of lucidity, that whatever path you're on is really not the path you're supposed to be on and making a change in yourself/in your life.

    Stay in touch with yourself and where you want to be, what your hopes and plans are for the future. If you don't know yourself very well or where you're headed (little motivation or purpose), you might find it more difficult. It helps if you know what you're about (what matters most to you in life) and what you need to do in order to be happy.

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