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Thread: Project Management transferable skills?

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    Originally Posted by PhoenixRise
    That's not a bad idea. I wasn't exactly in love with working in a tech role, at least I wouldn't be miserable half the time.

    Someone above mentioned detail oriented as opposed to what. Org skills as opposed to what. That's missing the point. PM is one of the most thankless jobs out there. You have no real authority over your team, yet they are supposed to do exactly what you want them to. You get crap from above and below. And you are ALWAYS in the spotlight, and to blame if anything goes wrong whether it was your fault or not. I actually think most PM roles exist so that functional managers have scapegoats to blame when things go wrong. And I hate when team members start resenting you for watching over them...where is that deliverable? It was supposed to be done today? Why not? When will it be done? Etc. Yuck even typing this makes me want to wretch.
    I think you're describing several other jobs in companies, and aspects of many many jobs in companies. Or anyone who has his/her own business but serves clients. People who don't have a good fit with their job naturally tend to generalize about the job itself being "thankless". It's not the best idea because it distracts you from finding out where you do fit, what you do like. Because if you do the inevitable "politics" or "scapegoat" stuff will seem minor. I like the site askamanager.com for issues like this.

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    Were there any roles reporting to you that you wished you could jump into and be on that team?

    I stepped into IT PM after first working project admin then tech writing. I really missed writing deliverables and training materials. So I went back to billing as a tech writer, but the PM role raised my rate for the enhanced skills. So I could write assessments, gather requirements, develop presentations. and I was hired by a data warehousing PM to write a methodology and then travel with her to teach it.

    So I'd skip dwelling on stuff that just makes you feel victimized--you don't need to justify not enjoying a role. Focus instead on the skills you are proud of and good at and enjoy. Identify those, then use your PM skills to make finding a spot in that role your next project.

    Head high.

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