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Thread: Still stuck with career choices

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    Originally Posted by Chocolate25
    Ah. Sorry for not clarifying . Also Iíve looked up vision teacher and deaf and hard hearing jobs too. Whatís your opinion about it ?
    I don't know what a vision teacher is - particularly because issues with vision can take different forms/different causes. My opinion of working with children with special needs in general: it's an extremely hard job, typically not high paying (other than if the person has advanced medical degrees or similar then maybe), very rewarding, not for the faint of heart, often very impressive and never would have been a good fit for me although I did volunteer helping children with special needs.

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    The U.S. Department of Education released its ďcollege scorecard" in which it looks at data on earnings by field of study and the university attended. In addition to revealing that mathematics and computer science were the two top-earning concentrations, it also revealed graduates from elite universities, or those that admit less than 25% of applicants, make the most money one year post-graduation.

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