My ex husband and I separated five years ago. It was a really difficult break up for both us. We were 18 when we got together and were together for ten years, married for five. We broke up because my ex was immature and not ready for commitment, he wanted to be out all the time drinking and being with other women but always expected me to be waiting for him and I eventually had enough.

He was always on my mind though and Id been thinking about getting in touch on and off. Three months ago I sent him an email, he replied a couple of hours later. After a few emails we exchanged numbers and have been messaging pretty much every day since then. Hes said how sorry he is for the way he treated me and that hes been seeing a therapist.

Weve met up twice now, just on lunch breaks so only short amounts of time but its gone well. The first time we were both very nervous but still had lots to talk about. The second time felt much more natural and we hugged goodbye and he said hed see me soon. Although its been a long time apart when I see him it just feels natural and like no time has really passed. Hes not good about talking about his feelings though and I dont want to rush him and push him. It would be amazing if we could have a fresh start though.

Do you think its madness to think this or is there a chance for us? Weve messaged a few times since Friday and Im hoping to arrange to meet up again soon.