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Thread: Dating

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    Hi, would like to seek for your insight and advice. I have went to a single networking event. I am lucky to meet a few guys I prefer to get to know better.

    1.) One of the guy actually gave me his number but did not request for my number. I thought I would like to keep in contact so have contacted him. He responded to my message but did not ask me out. It is more than 2 weeks I have not heard from him after our last contact.

    2.) I have a mutual match with a guy and we have exchange numbers and it has been 1.5weeks and he has not contacted me. I contacted him and he ask to meet. The meeting is great as I feel very comfortable with him and we have fluent conversation and have laughter along side with the conversation. But I never heard from him for 2 weeks.

    3.) I have also a mutual match with a guy and the networking event also provided a platform for us to temporary communicate. He did not ask for my number. I have ask for his age and he gave a range. I requested again for the exact year and provide him my age as requested. He did not respond to me until the next day asking if I prefer someone a few years older only. I did not respond directly but joking ask if he is very old to mention the age. He kept quiet. I manage to contact him a few days later. He did respond to me but never ask for number. Is a bit disappointing as the organizer had told us that we have chosen each other so is a mutual match.

    What do you think of each behaviour?

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    #1, #2 and #3 are all out. If they were interested, they would've been receptive to you yet they were not. I'm sorry. It's time to move onto a man who will respond positively and actually follow through to the next or following dates.

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    Platinum Member smackie9's Avatar
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    None of them are interested.
    When a guy gives you his number, he's only interested in hookups with desperate girls that pursue him. He doesn't care to work for it.
    Also when a guy doesn't contact you or ask you out, that's because they don't want to. They might sniff at you for a second, but that doesn't mean interest.
    Tip: don't waste your time on guys that don't ask you out asap.

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    Good you are out dating and using a variety of ways to meet people. Keep in mind match-makers may not make better choices than dating apps or random ways to meet.

    It's important to have an efficient strategy to prevent burn out. That means eliminating time-wasters promptly and following up promptly when is mutual interest is established.

    1) Unfortunately this is a lost cause.
    2) This one is not worth your while, either.
    3) It's odd to have for ages, why is that an issue to 'joke about"?

    Be approachable and upbeat but not this aggressive or desperate in general.
    Originally Posted by Imp99
    1.) It is more than 2 weeks I have not heard from him after our last contact.
    2.)The meeting is great. But I never heard from him for 2 weeks.
    3.) He did respond to me but never ask for number.


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