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Thread: What do i text a girl I like?

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    What do i text a girl I like?

    Hi! So I have a problem. A few days ago I matched with a girl on tinder and later that day I got her Snapchat. The problem is that I donít know what questions I should ask the girl. Iíve been asking questions like : Where do you live?, whatís your hobbyís?, What do you study? She seem interested as well because she has been asking me what I do on my spare time and all that stuff. The thing is that I want the questions I am asking to be natural and not like it is a interview and thatís why I am unsure how to handle this and get on a date with her. So my question is to you guys how to make my questions natural and how can I make the girl to get interested even more?

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    Your questions seem like a good start, and if she is replying then that's good. Dont ask her address as it's too soon for that and you could spook her. Ask her about her fave music, movie etc. Discuss those things and then ask her to meet for coffee.

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    You don't develop rapport messaging through dating apps or social media apps and texting. They are all lateral moves. You build rapport in person, so after a few exchanges you meet for a brief coffee to see if the in-person meeting goes well. You'll have plenty to talk about when you get to that point.

    The only question you need to ask is 'when are you free?' and 'where would you like to meet for coffee?' Otherwise you are wasting everyone's time. Dating apps are for dating not pen-pals.
    Originally Posted by Anton02
    The problem is that I donít know what questions I should ask the girl

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    ďIíd love to chat by phone and see if it makes sense to meet. What is your number or if youíre more comfortable calling me Iíll give you my number and we can figure out when would be a good time to talk. Look forward to speaking with you!Ē


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