I'm going to go against the grain here and say slow down. First off it sounds like you are bored with your life. I know being so young, you tend to spend all your energy on the relationship, and that forms a bubble. You both did it to yourselves and now it's all routine/boring. You don't need to throw away a relationship to figure yourself out. Start by having a life outside the relationship. Make new friends, have your own hobbies, have more girls night out, join a club....do things that only involve you. For the long haul in any relationship/marriage, you still need to have some of your independence to keep things fresh. Also bring new hobbies and interests into the relationship is key and doing things outside your comfort zone. Give it a think, and then have a conversation with you BF and see how he feels about things. It might be salavgable, who knows unless you give it a shot.