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Thread: Should i do LC

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    It seems no matter what you do or don't do or offer this guy, he's keeping his distance. Fwb, sexting, texting, etc. He may have other women he's more interested in but just keeps you around because you make it so easy until he gets serious with someone.
    Originally Posted by Ellaho
    Its been 4-5 months since we broke up and we’ve still been texting. I make jokes and about his “future girlfriend” and whenever I do he would go “lol no” and still shows a strong physical attraction to me .

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    Ellaho, He does not respect you. He also sees no future with you.

    Cut this off, already.

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    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    "still shows a strong physical attraction to me and maybe not so much emotionally"

    This proves he is still hoping you'll give in and start giving him commitment free sex and sexting again.

    Who usually contacts who?
    Its pretty equal, sometimes i initiate and sometimes he does

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