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Thread: Just found out her son has cancer

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    I'm sorry, but you need to stay away from all of these people. The people who are around you are very toxic.

    From your first thread, this woman was not there for you at all. Ever! I suggest you reread it.

    Why aren't you living on your own?

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    Sorry to hear this. Leave her alone. No one wants a hardship like this to be used an excuse to try to get back together. Focus on your own health and well-being and getting your own place.
    Originally Posted by Lauralatifa
    she doesnt want to talk to me..i had to have one of my ovaries removed along with a theratoma...

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    Originally Posted by Lauralatifa
    She blocked me last monday and today i found out her 2 year old son has leuchemia... it has just been diagnosed. She told my friend that she has been unable to sustain a conversation. I feel very very sorry for her and for her son... i dont even know what to think right now. Wish i could be there for her... but she doesnt want to talk to me...
    If you feel like you need to do something, send a card and that's it. Don't expect anything in return and don't contact her any other way. If she's a normal human being, she'll appreciate the gesture.

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