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Thread: why am i so sad?

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    Sep 2019

    why am i so sad?

    i really have everything in life. i have really nice parents, two brothers who love me, the best and funniest friends in the world, i draw quite well for someone my age (15), and (used to) have good grades, but due to anxiety issues my grades dropped a little, from A to B- or C. I don't know why my mental health is so debilitated, i don't have any major trauma or anything like that. I started being anxious/depressed one year an a half ago, maybe because of stress from school, but there aren't many people who have the same problems as me at my class. I take lots of medicine, but those don't seem to work as well as i wanted to, it just prevents me from suiciding instantly, wich i've tried two times.

    i really wanted to take this out of my chest, thanks if you read it till here.

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    Ask you parents to take you to a doctor again. Also ask to see a therapist regularly to talk to a trusted adult in private about your feelings. A lot of things change at 15 from hormones to school stress to friends/crushes/dating.

    Talk to your teachers about what's going on. Ask if you can get after school help. Also make sure you are in sports/fit and have friends and activities outside of school.

    Do mood disorders run in your family such as bipolar disorder/depression? Are there problems at home/with parents?
    Originally Posted by hamjam
    I don't know why my mental health is so debilitated.. I take lots of medicine, but those don't seem to work as well as i wanted to, it just prevents me from suicide, which i've tried two times.

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    Sep 2019
    I see a psychologist every week, it helps a lot but it didn't cure me.
    My mom is a little anxious and my grandmothers and my dad have ADHD. I also heard that my grandma's brother killed himself.
    Home is quite calm, but my brother and father have some anger issues. Even so, i don't get too worked up about that.

    Thank you for the advice!

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    You are a teenager. Life is stressful & you are only just learning to develop coping skills. You face a lot of change over the next few years & that can make anybody anxious.

    If you are seeing a mental health professional, keep working with that person about your concerns. Listen to that professional rather than anything you may read on a message board. We are only well meaning amateurs. The person your parents pay is real & knows you. We only know what you post & we have none of the non-verbal cues that come with a face to face office visit.

    Do engage in healthy behaviors that make you happy: your drawing & your friends. Do give more effort to your school work to get those grades back up. Some of it may be that the subjects are harder. I once heard a saying that the effort which got you As in HS will only get you Bs in college. So try more. Ask for tutoring if you are truly struggling. Make yourself flash cards. Dedicate several hours per night to school work, not social media, TV or friends.

    You will be OK. Everybody struggles. It's part of growing up.



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