First you need to understand the point of NC. It is not disappearing to let the other person have some space. It's not an absence will make the heart grow fonder thing. You can't manipulate somebody into missing you in order to get them back.

NC is about healing yourself, staying away so you preserve your dignity & not make a pest out of yourself chasing somebody who doesn't want you.

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she broke up with me because she didn't see a future. she didn't want to talk anymore because she couldn't take the pressure of me pushing her into a situation she couldn't handle and didn't want.
Do you have any idea why your EX did not see a future with you? Did you have incompatible goals for the future? religious differences? incompatible life goals? What was it that made her think your relationship would not work long term? Until you understand that there is no fixing this.

If you want to reconcile, you need to communicate & you both need to work together. Waiting a month & then sending her a letter is ridiculous. In a month she will be over you. Out of sight out of mind.

I really don't think you can fix this. She broke up with you. Dumpees who beg are just pest. Your EX wrote you that letter because she is a kind person who hates being the source of your pain & doesn't want you to feel bad about yourself. Her kindness should not be misinterpreted as a desire to reconcile. Chasing after her will most likely only make her run farther & faster away from you.