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Thread: How to talk to her?

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    How to talk to her?

    Iíve seen the prettiest girl in the hallways at school, but the problem is, I have no classes with her. I see her eating alone at lunch, but she also constantly has earbuds in. Today, the fire alarm went off and I went up to her to ask what was going on, and she didnít know, but she looked startled by me approaching her. My friends have been wanting to invite her to eat lunch with us or to try to be friends with her, but weíre all very shy and awkward. What should I do?
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    Ask her to eat lunch with you.

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    Invite her to lunches with your friends so you can all hang out together and it's less awkward. Your friends shouldn't be doing that for you. She'll remember you for inviting her too. Smile, ask her if she'd be open to joining all of you and see what she says. If she's shy or doesn't want to, be cool. She shouldn't feel obligated to and you shouldn't feel bad about it.


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