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Thread: I like my friend and never has the courage to tell her

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    I like my friend and never has the courage to tell her

    So I have this friend of mine we meet in high school we started talking in our second year in high school we took the same bus together I never sat next to her she told me to sit next to her because this guy kept bothering her after that we sat next to each other and just talked about just anything I felt like I could tell her anything idk why I never am like that with anyone but she would tell me about a guy she liked and I would help her out with him knowing deep down that I liked her the reason I did it is because I want to see her happy well I guess things didnít work out with him because turns out he has a gf now ,but before that she asked him to hang out with her at the movies he made a excuse not to go so she told me if I would want to go with her and her friend along with her friend bf I said no to because I couldnít go I had work that day I wonder though if it was a friendly hang out or not? She would smile at me in the bus and I would always say whattt she always said nothing ,so I decided to do the same one day and she said why were you looking at me that way ,I said nothin and she just kept asking me why , we kept talking, sitting together on the bus fast forward senior year we stoped talking we had no class together and didnít see each other at all I decided to text her after graduation to see how she been turns out we were going to the same college turns out we have 3 classes together like this is crazy how does that just happen we didnít plan nothing out especially we stopped talking for 1 year now we are talking hanging out like we used to do I still like her and I tried so many times to forget about her but I canít itís weird I think I actually like her but I donít know if she likes me Iím scared you know I never liked anyone this way or ever confessed my feelings she always been dating around with guys exploring some broke her heart one cheated , and welp me I never dated anyone or been in a relationship simply because I canít find anyone I really like Iím not easily attracted to anyone.i had people who like me a lot which I turned down ,but hereís a problem I think she has a bf Iím not sure but ahhh I think I just lost a opportunity with her I never told her how I felt well yup let me tell you I donít like having classes with her at all because itís hard for me I just want to ignore her not talk to her but that would be messed up.
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    Platinum Member boltnrun's Avatar
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    Hopefully they teach punctuation in college.

    If she has a boyfriend then that's the end. Can you try to find out?

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    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    Hopefully they teach punctuation in college.

    If she has a boyfriend then that's the end. Can you try to find out?
    i guess Iíll try to ask her. And yeah Iím not a good writer I know Iím not

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    When you like a girl, you start talking with her, smile, etc and eventually ask her on a date. You don't blurt out "I like you". It can be perceived as creepy to do that.


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    Oh yeah of corse I wouldnít do that ,ima just go with the flow of things

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    No... don't ignore her. Yes, that would be messed up/rude. Have you tried meeting other people? I'm not talking about dating. I mean meeting other people, making friends with others. I think you think about her a lot because she's the only person you seem to be talking to. Join some clubs, check out some activities and events. See what's going on on campus and just go by yourself if you don't have anyone to go with. There should be a lot happening in college.


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