Thank you for your reply.

I understand where you are coming from and I appreciate the advice. I am definitely trying to put the focus back on me but after being committed to her and her goals for so long, putting all my energy in to me is an adjustment. I am trying and I am proud of what I have achieved. I never realised that I had this ability to build a new life for myself especially when I had a future with my ex all mapped out.

For me, I have grown and improved and although she said I did nothing wrong, clearly I played a part in her feelings changing for me - something I have addressed and I am confident I would not make similar mistakes in the future. I just wish she could see this new me, I realise if she wants to she knows how to. I realise that if she has lost faith in our compatibility it could take years before she looks at me differently if she ever does. She might meet someone else and never look back, as I could I. There are so many variables and I just have to learn to fight against every instinct and let go, which is a life lesson in itself.