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Thread: Was it the alcohol or something more?

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    Originally Posted by sherrysher
    make your life a lot more simple than this.

    Get divorced first, then date.

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    Originally Posted by Aj86
    Her friend says she thinks I'm amazing and seems to mean it. She said that she wants to get my best friend and I together. She says when she is determined to do something it usually happens.
    Well, someone talks a big talk, now doesn't she? That is funny.

    Her determination is going to do nothing to make you any less married - and, you know, available to date her friend. The same goes for making her friend any less attached to her current partner.

    All this speculating about whether your best friend likes you back is thus kind of pointless. Is she attracted to you? She seems to be. But based on the thread you posted about this here [Register to see the link] , you already knew that.

    Getting us to agree (or disagree) that your best friend likes you is like getting us to agree it's pretty hot in a house that's on fire before you decide whether or not to extinguish the fire. Meaning, you're focusing on details that are pretty meaningless when you're not addressing the bigger problem.

    My sneaking suspicion is that you are wondering if you could get away with having an affair with this woman.

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