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Thread: Bad conversation with (not anymore) ex bf

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    Aug 2019
    I don't think you messed it up permanently but understand this now: You should avoid having deep emotional conversations about anything through text. You need the non-verbal cues to get through serious / tough / emotional stuff.

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    Never rely on electronic correspondence. Chat on the phone, meet in person and rekindle your relationship with him if this is the direction you wish to take. There could be misunderstandings or unnecessary drama.

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    Originally Posted by Bea1311
    But he sent me a picture of a party... And I remembered that at this time, we weren’t together anymore and I remember he kissed another girl on this day and I cried a loooooooot... I don’t think he even remembers that, lol.
    He probably doesn't, no.

    But you might want to revisit the idea of dating him again if something like this still triggers you to the point that you shut down. These moments are bound to come up again, inadvertently. So at the very least, reflect on how you'll more effectively deal with them.

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