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Thread: How do you deal with an ex who won't leave you alone?

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    Originally Posted by Wiseman2
    She can not go to the police and blame him for her actions which are entertaining his contact repeatedly. She has made zero effort to cease contact. The police are not there for teen drama.
    You misunderstand or I wasn't clear. Once she has ignored him but documented his continued unwelcome attempts to contact her AND sent him a cease & desist letter, then she can seek intervention from the authorities. That is a last resort, not the 1st step.

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    He can't manipulate you unless you are open to being manipulated, which clearly you have been, and is the exact reason he is now ignoring your vague protests.

    If you want him to stop, then you need to be completely and totally clear with him that it is done and you want to stop all forms of communication. In the words of Nancy Reagan... Just. Say. No.

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    My cousin in law enforcement told me that I would have to send a very clear message to the ex who kept messaging me. I had to tell him his contact was unwelcome and I wanted him to stop.

    However, if you're agreeing to see him it's hard to believe he "won't leave you alone". You are sending mixed messages.

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    Are you sure you donít still have feelings for him? Obviously you still want him to contact you or talk to you because if you truly didnít then you would cut off all contact and not respond to any of his attempts to contact you. You are clearly sending him mixed signals and I believe itís because you arenít totally sure you want him out of your life, but you are being selfish and unfair to him by leading him on and toying with his emotions. I understand love is crazy sometimes but if you are still unsure if you want him in your life still or not, and you are entertaining his attempts to reach out to you, then you canít be mad at him for not leaving you alone


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