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Thread: What do you make of my exes response?

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    Platinum Member maew's Avatar
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    Dec 2017
    Originally Posted by charis32
    He knows I wouldnít obsessively bombard him with emails and all he has to say is Iím not interested in discussing this. Or block me
    except that you did totally bombard him with emails. He is trying to shut the door and tell you that for him, he feels that the two of you aren't compatible, that there is nothing to work through. The fact that you thought so differently indicates you are in denial and probably were ignoring the red flags popping up during the relationship... and also that he wasn't being completely honest that he wasn't really feeling the relationship in the first place.

    Show some self-respect and self-worth... let it go and move on.

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    Platinum Member Wiseman2's Avatar
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    Cloud Nine
    His response is no response and that's your answer.

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    Jun 2011
    Well I let it go bc your right why am I chasing after someone who doesnít want to be with me. And now heís initiating...

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    Platinum Member figureitout23's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Originally Posted by charis32
    Well I let it go bc your right why am I chasing after someone who doesnít want to be with me. And now heís initiating...
    Just gonna quote myself...
    Originally Posted by figureitout23
    Honestly, youíre not wrong.

    There are exes who get an ego boost out of being pinned over and youíre right he could easily block you. Itís kinda like heís the cat lazily playing with the mouse when he gets bored.

    That should not give you any kind of hope though, because itís not a good thing, it comes from a place of complete disrespect.

    I was kinda like you when I was younger, I always had a hard time letting go of relationship and always wanted another chance to fix things, Iíd get treated super badly which what did I expect, exes have no moral obligation to treat you as anything but an ex, ironically very often the exes that allowed such behavior came back after I had began to move on, not because they loved me, but rather because they wanted the attention back. It was never about love or respect though please donít confuse it

    Itís insulting really.

    Try to disengage.

    It will be hard, no doubt but take it one day at a time, next time you get the urge to text him write it out on here, thereís a thread Ď write here instead of contacting your exí itís helped a lot of people. Give it a try.


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    Jun 2018
    People will call you a crazy ex girlfriend but I think that was a response he gave you.

    Comparing you two to oil and water is dumb and it shows that he's not willing to admit his faults and is blaming it on you two being incompatible which is a crappy excuse and shows he can hold himself accountable and he's out of touch that in almost every breakup there's something off on both sides.

    Stop talking to this guy and go now contact. He will eventually text you weeks later once he realizes you're gone and once he texts you, you should throw the oil and water metaphor right back in his face and move on with your life knowing you rejected him.

    You're clearly upset about the breakup and you clearly have questions that need to be answered. Based on his demeanor with that oil and water quote, he knows he has the upper hand, he knows you're the one rejected, he knows you're the one hurt, he knows that he has you wrapped around his finger and now he has a 'crazy ex gf' story to tell his friends in order to improve his ego and get props from his buddies. He also knows that if now he can date and sleep with whoever but he still has you hooked so if it doesn't work out with his new girl he was you (the obsessed ex gf) that he can fall back on.

    This is emotional abuse. In a break up both parties should be hurting on some level. He should be able to provide a reason as to why he decided to break it off with you, he should be able to discuss this with you in a detailed mature manner so you can get your closure and he can get his. Instead it sounds like he is brushing it off and he's being indifferent towards you because he knows it'll hurt you and give him the upper hand.

    OP, I just got out if situation like this and it's rough. Understand his response that isnt a normal human response to a breakup. Adults explain themselves. Adults accept breakups and yheh attempt to give the other person the information needed for them to get closure. Cut this guy off and never look back.

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    Jul 2017
    ^its not emotional excuse and no one needs to give a detailed reason as to why they ended things. Sometimes it really is simply incompatibility. Stop demonising the guy, it doesn't change anything.

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