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Thread: It does get better, it truly does

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    Sep 2019

    It does get better, it truly does

    Iíve had a big transformation since I started posting on here a week ago. Iíve done a lot of spiritual reflection this week and itís lead to where I am now. And I guess I just want everyone to know that comes to this site in a panic like I did that it is okay, and it will be okay. I know itís a hard pill to swallow when someone you love walks out of your life, but these things happen for a reason. The universe ends cycles for us when it knows itís time. And it brings good things to us when we put the work in to make ourselves happy without another person. I know it feels like you might be in a fog of sadness, and desperation but you owe it to yourself to forgive yourself as well as the other person. If you carry resentment with you, it will only block you from where ever you are meant to be even if you are meant to be with the person that left. I know me and my ex have a strong connection, Iíll always love him and I know heíll always love me, he wonít ever forget me and if itís meant to be in the end it will be. But for now, itís the end of a beautiful chapter. Now time to start writing a new one by myself.

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    This is beautiful.

    I can attest to the kernel of truth it contains! I first came here as my marriage began to fall apart (we ended up divorcing in 2013) going through the worst pain Iíve ever experienced.

    I pulled through with help and support and life did what it do....grew and flourished despite my sadness and one day I woke up able to see the beauty again.

    Met a genuinely sweet woman and took the scary plunge into love again. Well itís years later and Iím processing heartbreak again...but now I KNOW I will be okay. And if youíre reading this, you will too!

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    Crawl before you walk, it makes crashes a lot more manageable. Youíre still in the very early stages of all this...a week out. Just allow your emotions to naturally flow through, no need to be a guru showing off your battle scars, some days will be better than others. Youíre on the right path.

    You can indeed help though, start commenting, give advice, maybe even keep a journal, all that can be very therapeutic.

    How has therapy been going for you?

    Glad to see youíre doing well.

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