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Thread: Going travelling, What to do?

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    In the future, have serious conversations in person or with a phone call, not text. It's hard to hear a tone with text, and the tone can be misinterpreted.

    It's hard to totally be on the exact same page, in this situation, with an acquaintance. She's already meant for your past. Start your future without someone you're arguing with. You don't owe her anything.

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    Originally Posted by Izac1789
    me: ' I think we shouldnt get too emotionally invested and if we are both cool with that then we can have fun when we can'.
    her: 'yep sounds fine to me. I am just worried if we are spending time together i may get emotionally invested.'

    I feel the best thing to do is to stop meeting after her reaction, it seems she is too in to it. Thoughts please?

    Honestly, saying not to get invested is like trying not to get anxious going to talk to that cute girl, or trying not to get a b*ner when you hold your girlfriend's hand for the first time. Sure, some people it takes longer to get invested, but for others, it just happens when it happens.

    She has already expressed she is worried it's going to happen.
    I agree to stop meting with her until after you get back, if she is still interested, considering how you have already degraded her already growing feelings for you.

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