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Thread: I didn't stand up for my girlfriend when my brother and her got into an argument

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    Dec 2007
    Why didn't you tell you brother you were working toward reconciliation with her?

    She should not have sent that message.

    You were both wrong.

    I am assuming that everyone is in their teens?

    Please do not bring kids into this disaster of a relationship.

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    Platinum Member itsallgrand's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    She's nuts, buddy. But you will have to learn it in your own time, like most people do, I guess.
    She doesn't get to tell you that you aren't together and then expect you behave as though you are. Hell, you could have been dating others in that time and it wouldn't have been her business. It was absolutely none of her business to interject herself and send a crazy person nasty message to your brother. If that had been me, I would have told her to get lost right there.
    I just hope you will at least not rush to moving back in with her and especially not marriage or babies. But especially babies.

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    Apr 2018
    Girls like this are a big no no. Run for the hills.

    You should not be considering a child together. Absurd.

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    Platinum Member SherrySher's Avatar
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    May 2016
    I think both of you are bad options to date.

    You should have told the brother you were reconciling with her and stood up for her, also tell your brother's gf's friend?? that you're not interested. Why did you allow it to go on and not put your foot down and say, "no, I am trying to make it work with so and so?"

    She should have not been playing head games on if you were going to get back together or not and then getting mad when she pretended it was off, only to have a house key.

    I agree with what someone else said...your story is exhausting to read and I don't think either one of you is ready to be in a serious relationship.

    It sounds like you let your brother lead you around by the nether region and it sounds like she needs to stop acting like a little girl and playing head games.


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    Platinum Member ThatwasThen's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Central Canada
    Your brother didn't do anything wrong. He was looking out for you and wanting you to find a good woman that isn't your ex. (She be cray-cray).

    Lucky you found this out before you did more than just "talk" about marriage and kids.

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