Why did you seek out a long distance relationship to begin with? Have you not had luck with local women because of your anger issues, and it would take a lot longer for a long distance love to see this side of you?

Some people actually prefer long-distance relationships. Is that you?

In a 2007 study about LDRs, some participants reported that they knew they would reunite with their partners, but were unhappy with that outcome. Others felt uncertain about their future with their long-distance partners, but didn’t care much. This “suggests that there is a subset of individuals who may prefer to remain in perpetual long-distance relationships,” Maguire writes, and some people “may actively seek out a long-distance relationship so they can have the best of both worlds (a romantic relationship and plenty of autonomy).”

When you've chosen the hardest form of romance--expensive, long durations apart, too much time together when you do make a trip (not the normal pace of a relationship), not seeing skeletons in the closet if there are any, because of the distance, a person having to be uprooted from their home country which is very stressful, then why are you surprised when problems pop up?

Saying "I'm so sick and tired of you," is offensive to anyone of any culture. You need to read books on communication between couples and learn a more mature/kind way of communicating. Anytime you bash a person's character or call them names, and using unhelpful insults will kill any love that has existed. Until you learn how to do this, you won't be a good partner to anyone.

Only time will tell if it's too little too late for her, but at least it will benefit you to learn new skills to use with any person in your life, and you should probably take some anger management classes since this is a regular problem that drives people away from you. Good luck.