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Thread: Best Way to Approach a girl at College?

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    Originally Posted by E98
    What about someone I see maybe at the library or someone whos not in my class?
    Same thing. Don't approach out of the blue because you'll be perceived as weird and scary. If you see someone regularly, say "Hello" for a long time and then gradually get around to introducing yourself. Go slow! If you approach someone suddenly, you'll chase them away because they don't trust you yet. Trust is earned.

    You have to be careful out there in society. Just because you're attracted to them, it doesn't mean you can suddenly become their friend and hit it off. Don't be surprised if most people aren't interested in you nor care to get to know you. Be realistic.

    Don't aim at random people who are not in your regular, daily sphere. If you want to date a girl, focus on ladies who are in your midst and daily life or whom you see often together. Then when you become acquainted you won't seem odd or strange. You have to be perceived as secure and not desperate before anyone wishes either a friendship or date with you.

    Your expectations need to be realistic based upon whom you're dealing with, where, how, etc.

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    Originally Posted by E98
    thank you!! exactly the advice i was looking for!!
    no problem! glad to help :)

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