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Thread: Texting a date for feedback?

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    Originally Posted by annie24
    Regarding feedback..... eh. I'm not sure if you asked him that he would even be honest and upfront.
    Yeah, I agree. It's not a job interview. Questioning isn't likely to produce anything of value, "Do you realize that you pick your nose in public?" Most people can't identify exactly why they don't find simpatico with another, but it's true of most of us even when selecting our friendships. Why do we bond better with some people than with most people?

    It's important to grasp before dating that most people are NOT our match. It's just natural odds. Striking simpatico requires the patience and tenacity of combing through a haystack for a needle. We all view the world through different lenses, and most will not view us through the 'right' lens in order to recognize, much less appreciate, our unique value.

    I'd skip the idea of viewing the limits of others as a reflection of some kind of deficiency in you. It's as much about timing as it is about chemistry, and finding it requires resilience and a strong foundation of confidence and appreciation for you OWN value.

    Love is rare. It's supposed to be rare, or what would be so special about it?

    Head high.

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    Don't txt. Once is enough.

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    Attraction is subjective.
    What you find attractive isn't to the next.

    Don't ask for feedback. He's not your dating coach.

    I'm not particularly attracted to men with blonde hair. Why would I share that with someone? As if he could change or wanted to.

    For all you know he has a terminal illness or went back to his wife. Don't immediately assume you did something wrong or there is something about you you need to change.

    If you want feedback, ask a close friend. Not some stranger.

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